"Remember When..."

Memories of the good ol' days of Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts

The newest creation by Frankie Galasso.

For the first time ever! This vivid compilation of yesteryear captures

all the old drive-in theaters, car hops and roadsides and more!


A standard 22 inch x 28 inch lithograph printed on 80 pound weight

brilliant white matt coated stock is ready for framing!

Only $24.95 each plus shipping. Hand signed by Frankie Galasso.


Would you like to be in the documentary version? We are looking for your stories, photos, film!

You can be a part of local history! please write to: frankgalasso@!frankgalasso.com


"Remember When..." is a Trademark of Frankie Galasso and Frankgalasso.com 2009 all rights reserved.

Any un-authorized reproduction or re-use of any kind is strictly prohibited.

Remember the original Wein O Rama with their 15 cent Hamburgers, french fries and N.Y. System hot weiners?...

they are keeping the tradition going today along with the Rustic Drive-in theater...

...The Mendon Twin Drive keeps the 50's and 60's alive in Mendon Massachusetts...

...remember A&W Rootbeer drive-ins with car hop service? It's still going in Apple Valley on Rt. 44, Smithfield, RI...

...remember Kelly's Hamburgers? Where did you take your first date to the drive in?

...Howdy Beefburgers...the Cranston Drive-in, The Hilltop, Steak n' Shake and Jolly Chollys...

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